An Inspector Calls

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There is no need for the Birling family to be worried, as this inspector came to St. George’s and she was suitably impressed by what she saw. Actually, she was not even called an “inspector”, but a Leading Improvement Partner (giving us a bit of LIP, I suppose, or was it just LIPservice?) Anyway, the inspector was in the school for three days and she certainly talked to a lot of people: students, JKN, teachers and parents. She did not come into any of my lessons, but she did have a look round my classroom and she asked me a few questions about what I teach and how I teach it.

At the moment I am feeling pretty blooming exhausted and being woken up at three in the morning, in order to take a naughty little dog outside to do her business, has left me feeling run down all day. Thank goodness it is Friday and the weekend has now started.

The flowers I bought for our Wedding Anniversay last week have lasted rather well. Another thing that has lasted quite well is my blog. 44,000 "hits" today. So does that mean that one person has read it 44,000 times? Or two people have read one of my posts 22,000 times?

Any other news? A Kiwi lady called Belinda contacted me through TES, as she wants to teach in either Romania or Bulgaria. Watch this space! 

Dear Belinda,

Bad news, I am afraid. I spoke to JKN, my boss, and he said that it is very difficult for most schools in Bulgaria to get a working visa for a non-EU citizen. This is not a St. George's problem - this is an EU problem, I am afraid. If you have an NZ passport, then getting a job just about anywhere in Europe could be a real problem.

Okay, so what is Plan B? How about China? The Middle East? Let me know if I can be of any help. Sorry to have to break the bad news, but I thought that you ought to know asap.



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    1. She is a very naughty little doggie, but we love her dearly. Her main interests are food, eating and looking for things to scoff.


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