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It's Snow Fun

Getting to school in the morning is quite a ritual. Two pairs of socks, then the second pair of trousers, lace up the boots, scarf, coat, hat and gloves. Then take it all off again at school and change into a soft pair of shoes. Yes, snow in the city is a pain and just walking along the slippery pavements can be slow and tiring.

In the huge park across the road from our apartment, the snow can still be pretty and a lot of fun. Sledging is popular with the youngsters, although dads and even some mums seem to be glad of an excuse to have a go with their children. 

Even when it is cold and the wind is biting, my dear Irisha still looks lovely. I am going to miss her next weekend, as she is going to Bucharest, to stay with her friend Inna for a few days. Innichka and Irisha became friends becase they always used to walk their dogs in Parcul Herastrau.

And in the distance, you can just make out the looming mass of Mount Vitosha.


At last! The famous "Ladybird" series of books for children has published something to help the children (and maybe the politicians as well, but perhaps that's the same thing) to get ready for BREXIT.

Now I do not want my readers to think that I am in any way biased or narrow-minded. No, I did not actually vote in the BREXIT referendum because I was in Bulgaria at the time, having just returned from China. Anyway, how could anyone in the UK be so silly as to vote to leave the European Union? That just would not happen, would it? Oh dear. They did in fact vote to leave the EU, by a narrow margin. 

The only little problem is that now just about everyone in the UK is beginning to wake up to the fact that BREXIT is going to be a disaster for the UK and indeed for the whole of Europe.