The BBC, that splendid British institution

This is part of an angry e-mail that I wrote to the BBC.

The steppe, just outside Mamulichka's datcha in the Crimea

I am fed up with the BBC's inaccurate, false and dishonest reporting of the so-called "occupation" of the Crimea by Russian forces. Why don't they also write a piece about the British Army occupying Aldershot? Or the American army invading West Point? The Crimea is part of Russia. It always has been. The Tsar had his summer palaces in the Crimea. Thousands of Russian soldiers died defending the Crimea during the Crimean War. It was the same in WW2. Have you ignorant and stupid people at the BBC never bothered to open a history textbook? Most people in the Crimea speak RUSSIAN and think of themselves as RUSSIAN. Sevastopol was (and always has been) a major Russian military base. 

I was in Yalta thirteen years ago, when the Crimea was still part of the Ukraine (thanks to Kruschev, who was half Ukrainian) and it was a MESS. The useless government in Kiev did nothing for the Crimea, except make things worse. 

In the streets of Simferopol

Last summer, I was in Yalta again and it was obvious that things had changed for the better. The new bridge connecting the Crimea to the rest of Russia, the new ring road around Simferopol (my wife's home town) and the new airport in Simferopol have all been built by Russia because they want to welcome the people of the Crimea back as part of Russia. The BBC's coverage of any news to do with the Crimea is not fair or impartial. It is not based on the facts. It is biased and one-sided. It ignores the wishes and the hopes of the people of the Crimea. But why should the BBC care about them anyway, as all they want is a one-sided and biased story?

The people of the Crimea are not starving. They are happy to be part of Russia again. This was obvious when I wandered around the streets and the markets in Simferopol.

Down the market.

Fortunately I have told the TRUTH in my blog, and you scumbags in the BBC should be ashamed of your lies and exaggerations. You have never bothered to speak to anyone in the Crimea, but I spoke to many people last summer, both my wife's family and all kinds of people I met on the street, in trams and everywhere.

Okay, so Putin is not a nice, cuddly, western-style liberal who respects human rights. So what? Most Russians respect him and they think that he is doing a good job. And how many Brits have any respect for Theresa May? Not many. And do all Americans respect President Trump? I do not think so.  


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