Sixty, not out

This is one of my favourite photos of me. I remember reading somewhere, "Never complain about old age. It is a privilege that many people never have." So yes, I am getting older, but I am so blessed with good health and, of course, my dear wife, Irisha. And here she is, looking beautiful (as usual).

Anyway, congrats to me on getting to the big six zero and yes, we are very predictable and so we had my sixtieth birthday lunch at The Happy Grill. (Salmon with roasted vegetables and a carafe of okay Chardonnay.)

Patricia, Suhail and their daughter Danielle had lunch with us. Thery are some lovely Christian friends from IBC, the International Baptist Church of Sofia. Danielle is a medical student and Suhail is a nurse.

A great photo of two great ladies!


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    1. Thank you! I hope that you are enjoying "Bulgaria with Noodles". At the moment there is a lot about Bulgaria and not much about China.


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