Christmas in Sofia, 2018

Merry Christmas, dear readers! Well, the last few months have been rather interesting, what with my new job and our move to the new apartment in Sofia. It really has been quite hectic and we have had to make several trips to Kalotina, in order to collect all of our bits and pieces. The new apartment is now looking less empty and a lot more like home! We even brought some logs from Kalotina, but so far we have not lit the fire because the apartment is wonderfully warm, thanks to all of the electric radiators. I am glad that we will not have to pay the electricity bill!

I was very impressed that my old friend Peter Adams somehow managed to get a Christmas card to us, with a bit of IT ingenuity. The card arrived on our doorstep in Kalotina a few days before we left for Sofia. It caused a lot of laughter in the village.

Yesterday we went for a little walk in the park, even though the weather was bitterly cold. It is a lovely park. Yes, maybe we did not see it at its best, but Mount Vitosha was splendidly large and looming in the distance.

Irena's magnificent Olivier salad

Just before Christmas, on 22nd, we went to a sort of Christmas party or potluck supper at our church, the International Baptist Church of Sofia. 

Of course, my Chinese friends always LOVE lots of photographs of food, so here are a few foodie photos. 

Irena made a delicious Olivier salad, a very Russian Christmas dish, and yes, I was very glad that there was a lot left over for lunch the following day.

The diet starts in the New Year.
On Christmas Day itself we did not bother with a turkey (Irena does not like it) and so we just had a large roasted chicken. I was very happy to eat some Brussels sprouts! The red wine tastes so much better when you have poured it into our wine decanter before the meal. Best of all, the chicken had LOTS of stuffing: bread crumbs, onion, garlic, an egg and plenty of walnuts. 

And so to bed.


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