A Winter's Tale, Part 6

Sometimes things happen just in time. On Friday the man from BG Therm came and he spent an hour or two adjusting the boiler, as it had developed an irritating habit of shutting itself down after an hour or two. The sensor for the exhaust gases was set too low, so that was why we kept getting the error messages on the boiler's mini computer.

On Saturday I went into Sofia on the train. First I visited the Elephant Bookshop, hoping toi buy a copy of Adam's book, Kings of the Yukon, but they did not have a copy. Bother!

I also went to the Christmas Bazaar at St. George's. My main reason for going was to talk to the two very nice ladies who are sort outing my employment details and our new apartment in Sofia. The Irish coffee was good, the sausange and sauerkraut were so so and the kindergarten children were sweet when they did their little songs and dances in the theatre. Lots of happy, cooing parents.

We were supposed to go to church this morning, but it just did not happen. When we worke up, the white flakes were already falling and it did not stop all day. It is now about four in the afternoon and - surprise, surprise! - yes, it is still snowing. It was a bit surreal, walking to Berende Izvor and back in a snowstorm. My new ski jacket certainly did the business. Having bought a great big showshovel, we simply had to excavate the path and the steps.


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