A Winter's Tale, Part 5

Looking across the Yantra, with Tsaravets at the top of the hill.
Veliko Tarnovo used to be Bulgaria's old capital city. It is a rather splendid place, with the River Yantra winding through the old town and the Tsarvets fortress up on the hill.

There are two main bridges across the Yantra, the stone bridge for cars and the old wooden footbridge. Our apartment in the Assenova quarter is next to the wooden bridge and from the window of our dining room you get a great view across the river to Tsarvets.
The balcony of our apartment, looking down into the cobblestoned street.

Now it is time for the bad news. Our apartment was horribly, dreadfully COLD. It was like a freezer. (Unlike our house in Kalotina, we have never got round to having the insulation done.) There was a bottle of olive oil in the kitchen and it had frozen! There was also something wrong with the guttering, as it was probably clogged up with ice and snow, so there was a nasty-looking damp patch in the bathroom. Okay, enough moaning for now. It is time for some more snowy photos.

Here I am on the old wooden bridge acroos the Yantra.
Looking down on the Assenova quarter from Tsarvets.

This is the entrance to the Tsarvets fortress.
Claire Ruston had lots of super snow photos in her recent post on her blog. Alas, there is no sign of life from Peter and Minty's blog, Move to Bulgaria.

VT was pretty, but we were relieved to get back to Kalotina in one piece. Driving in the Bulgarian winter is not my idea of fun! 


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