A Walk in the Woods

This morning we went for a lovely walk in the woods, not far from our apartment in Veliko Tarnovo. Veliko Tarnovo (or "VT", as we usually call it) is quite a small and compact city, so you are never far from the countryside. 

Our apartment is in Assenova, the area down the hill from Tsaravets and over the bridge. This means that our apartment is just on the edge of the city and so in a few minutes you are out in the countryside.  

We went along by the River Yantra and then up the hill to the spring next to the road. There is a quite a good path that leads from the spring and up into the woods. 

The autumnal colours of the trees were wonderful: reds, greens, browns, oranges and yellows. 

For most of our walk, the sun was shining and it still felt like summer, but it is nearly the end of October. Soon the temperature is going to fall and winter will be with us again.

The spring water tasted delicious, but it was very COLD.

I should have remembered the marshmallows (and the matches)

Today I wrote to Minty Woodfine, telling her how sad I am that she is no longer writing her blog, Move to Bulgaria. It is a bit weird when someone abruptly stops writing their blog because you have got used to reading about the latest small triumph or disaster in their life, the ups and downs and changes, and then you are just left hanging there. What has happened? Are they dead? Have they left Bulgaria, gone back to the UK and given up on their dream? Or did they just get bored with blogging? 

Of course, one of the most frustrating things is that hardly ANYBODY ever bothers to write a comment on my blog, so here I am scribbling away at one in the morning and my words are floating away, like little ships going out onto that great ocean of information that is the Internet, but almost nothing ever floats back to me. Yes, this blog is supposed to have collected 22,000 "hits", but does anyone actually read it? Well, I always wrote comments on Minty's superb blog, but she stopped writing it anyway.



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