Some like it hot, Part 3

If I am feeling good and charitable, then I go downstairs, first thing in the morning, and make a mug of tea for my dear wife Irena and also one for me. Well, yesterday was one of those good days and so I duly went downstairs, in my quest for early morning cuppas. I also lit the woodburning stove. This meant that the kitchen was warmy and toasty when we came downstairs for our breakfast. I was feeling that the world was actually a pretty good place as the eggs and the slice of ham sizzled in the frying pan. 

I was just about to pour myself a cup of coffee when Irena announced that the kitchen was on fire. The paper that some silly idiot (yes, alright, it was me) had put under the stove had caught light and there was a danger that the large of pile of firewood that someone had put underneath the stove (yes, alright, me again) would also catch fire. So there was quite a lot of smoke and noise and and a nasty smell and general confusion. 

Eventually the flames were extinguished and the smoke gradually cleared from the kitchen. And I did get to eat my breakfast, which by then was quite well cooked enough, thank you very much.

So what have we learned? 
Lesson number one: do not put any kind of paper (or wood?) near to a stove. 
Lesson number two: we need a Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher. Putting fires out with teatowels and water can be a messy business. 
Lesson number three: when it comes to extinguishing flames, a fire blanket probably works better than carpet slippers.

Here is a fire in its proper place and I am very pleased to announce that my blog has now had more than 20,000 "hits" since I started writing it, less than a year ago. Very soon I will have written more than a hundred entries for my blog.


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