Some like it hot, Part 2

When we tried to order some more firewood from the builders’ merchant in Dragoman, they said there was a problem: they have too many customers. Oh dear! I do feel sorry for them. This meant that we had to drive to Slivnitsa to order the wood.
This morning we went into the Secret Garden, as usual, and collected the walnuts. There were more than usual, as it was quite cold during the night and that meant that more nuts split their green shells and had fallen down onto the grass.
After breakfast we cleared what was left of the old firewood from under the concrete steps. Some of that wood is destined for the Einhell, as I can probably cut it up and it can be used in our woodburners, either the cooking stove in the kitchen or the smaller one in the sitting room. Some of it is just too big to cut up with the Einhell and I do not have a large and powerful chainsaw. Another problem was that some of it was rotten, so it all had to go to the Secret Garden to be burned. Yes, it is a bit wasteful, especially as firewood costs 90 leva for a cubic metre, but I do not know what else we can do with it, as we cannot use it.
Later in the day, the new lot of wood arrived. It was supposed to come before lunch, but actually the lorry arrived with the wood at about 3pm. (That is almost on time, for Bulgaria.) Well, he drove the lorry onto the grass just by our front gate and then dumped the load right there. There were five cubic metres of it and about half of it spilled onto the road, so our first job was to move it out of the way and over the fence. That took about two hours. Next we have to stack it under the concrete stairs and under the garage. It is going to be a long job.


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