Missing You, Part 1

Just before breakfast, we received this WeChat message from Julia, who has now safely returned to Shenzhen from the USA.

This morning, when I took Diudiu for a walk, she insisted to go to the direction of your apartment in SZ. I let her keep walking until the exit of metro station, but she still wanted to go downstairs and keep walking to your place. Then I told her Uncle Simon and Auntie Irena weren’t there because they went back to Bulgaria. She seemed like understood what I’m talking about and she looked very upset. I think she must miss you guys so much.

We miss you too, Diudiu!
And in case you were wondering what has been happening in Downton Abbey, it's all over between Lady Mary and Lord Gillingham, Carson has proposed, Robert has guessed that Marigold is Edith's daughter and Anna has been released from prison.


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