Spring in Shenzhen

There are four seasons here in southern China, but they are rather different to the ones you get in Europe. Most new expats, especially teachers like me, arrive at the end of the summer. It is hot and wet. Either it will be raining or else it is about to rain or actually it does not matter whether it is raining or not because you are already sweating so much that you’re soaked anyway. Then, sometime around the beginning of October, it stops raining and the weather is pleasantly warm and dry. This continues right on into December, but in January you will get a few cold weeks. No snow or frost or anything like that, but it will be a lot colder, especially if your apartment only has single glazing and the windows do not fit properly. Then, around the beginning of March, it warms up and you get some pleasant and fairly dry weather through to the middle of May, when the rain seriously begins and Shenzhen becomes one big sauna.

I cannot believe that I have written so much about the weather! (Blooming boring Brits, always going on and on about the weather. Well, it makes a change from Brexit and house prices.)

On Tuesday we had a visit from our dear Chinese friends, Bill and Julia, plus Diudiu, the naughtiest dog in China.

Yesterday we went for a walk in Central Park. It was so beautiful! This park is like a botanical garden, as there are so many different kinds of bushes and trees, all arranged so neatly and thoughtfully. Hammocks, tents, people playing musical instruments and singing: it all happens in a Chinese park. Sometimes there is slow-motion, ballet-like Taichi. You can take part in it too, if you want to, and join the inaction. It is great to live in the Bank of China Towers because we have the huge Lianhuacun Park on the opposite side of the road and there is Central Park another five minutes’ walk away from us.

This morning we were in church (yours truly was preaching) and then we came home on the MTR and NOT the bus, for once.

Oh yes, and here is yet another picture of Diudiu, the naughtiest dog in China.



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