Food, Glorious Food!

Another excellent breakfast
One advantage to the Bohol Bee Farm as a holiday venue soon became apparent: the food. Yes, it’s good and there is lots of it. The breakfast buffets are a feast in themselves: home-cured ham, scrambled egg, excellent fish and chicken in breadcrumbs, delicious fruit juices, fresh salads and of course the yummy squash bread and dark brown muffins. In the Philippines, the coffee is usually pretty bad, but here at the Bohol Bee Farm it is hot and tastes as though it has just been brewed. All of this and a sea view, with smiling Filipino waitresses that always say, “Good marneen, sir!”

Breakfast was included in the room price, so we have had some serious scoffing in the mornings. I had never eaten salad for breakfast before in my life, but perhaps it is something that I could get used to.

The lunch menu was as varied and as exciting as the fare on offer for breakfast. Particularly good were the complimentary starters (pumpkin bread with mango and avocado spreads), fish and chips, chicken stir-fry, seafood lasagne, meat pizza, chicken dumpling soup, the ice creams (made from coconut cream, rather than dairy cream) and of course the excellent salads (made with flowers!)

Seafood lasagne, my favourite! 

The bad news? The Philippines is not a country for wine lovers, as the prices were absurd. 600 pesos (that is about 8 euros) for a fairly average bottle of Spanish wine and 900 pesos (maybe 12 euros) for a run-of-the-mill French red. Oh well, let’s just have another San Miguel!


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