A Letter from Nicholas

Our villa in Kalotina

Dear Simon,

I have been re-reading the excellent letter you sent to me a while back. Thank you very much. My enthusiastic interest in your various news has been reinforced by a splendid letter and great packs of photos from Peter Adams, Your apartment at Veliko Tarnovo and the villa at Kalotina look to be in good shape - and indeed your description of the works that have been done on them gives me confidence that your retirement will be very well accommodated. 
Mildly spectacular

I loved my visit to Bulgaria; Kalotina is delightfully situated in among its mildly spectacular surroundings. You and Ira have done so well! - been so wise! I hope that your plans are evolving to your satisfaction. Did you purchase the car?

Yes, we did buy a car

Both you and Ira look very good in photos. And as for the classroom photos of your young Chinese students, they look admirably well focused - in both senses. What adorable pupils!

Your paragraph on BREXIT is the best summary I have read! I will quote it back to you - so you can appreciate what a wizard commentator you are!

BREXIT. Yes, it is indeed one of the most dreadful and embarrassing things that the UK has done in recent years. How amazingly silly! Why is it that no-one understands that international problems can only be solved by greater international co-operation? Surely the free

movement of people and goods throughout Europe has to be a positive force for peace and prosperity, while red-tape and delays at borders do not help anyone?

It's a while since you wrote that, but every word remains relevant and spot-on.

I've been for three excellent holidays this year, all for music:

MARCH Canterbury, for string quartet etc. - 7 concerts.
SEPTEMBER Dartington Hall, Devon. Again for string quartets etc. - 9 concerts.
OCTOBER Poole (Dorset). A fabulous concert, a trip to Brownsea Island and Poole Harbour, met up with two valued frinds from London, visited Lulworth on the way home.

I suggest you consider a wee holiday in Cornwall, dropping in to see me here in Helston. I will have to endeavour to keep myself alive till the relevant date in 2019 or whenever. A meal at the Halzephron pub in Gunwalloe would give us a chance to chat.

My health continues good, though there are two heart problems that limit my walking. 

With all good wishes to you both 

- from Nicholas


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