Welcome to Bulgaria with Noodles!

The Red (and Ghostless) Bank of China Towers
Yes, I have done it! After reading several other blogs about Bulgaria and asking myself, "Yes, but how is my blog going to be different?", I have finally taken the plunge and made my very first blog. Bulgaria with Noodles is the title. Yes, yes, it really is going to be about Bulgaria, one of these days, but it is all going to start in China!

All the other blogs that have be written about moving to Bulgaria start with lots of anxious posts about selling the house, scraping together the cash, buying a tumbledown house in Bulgaria (usually in the mountains) and then driving all the way from the UK to BG. Well, this blog is different because we already have a house in Bulgaria, and an apartment, and a smug smile. The only problem is that we are still in China.

Well, dear reader, I say that it is a problem, but really being in southern China is not so bad, for various reasons. Firstly, it is now November and the weather here in Shenzhen is a lot nicer than it is in Bulgaria, where it is flipping freezing already. Secondly, I have a job and so I get paid each month. (We will not have that, once we return to BG.) Thirdly, my Chinese students are so sweet and lovely. They cheer me up, even when I am fed up and tired.

So where, exactly, is this blog being written? Well, here is a photo of our apartment block, directly behind where my dear wife is standing. The reddish/dark pinkish tiles are to keep away the ghosts, of course. Well, you probably guessed that already, didn't you? The story goes that the garden area was used for public executions, so lots of Chinese people thought that the buildings would be haunted. The solution? Red tiles, of course! Who ya gonna call? Red tile makers! Don't bother with Ghostbusters. Red is a lucky colour and so there are no ghosts. (Well, I just thought that I would put your mind at rest.) We live in a ghost-free zone.


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