Saturday afternoon, in the park

Yesterday Irisha and I went to Lianhuacun Park, just opposite our apartment in the Bank of China Towers. There are supposed to be 16 or maybe 18 million people here in Shenzhen and most of them seemed to think that going to the park would be a good idea. The temperature must have been in the high 20s and it was a pleasantly sunny day, maybe the last day of the summer. Well, that was how it felt, even though it was the middle of November. (Why do boring Brits always go on about the weather so much?)

After a walk up to the pagoda, we looked at some special flower displays and then, like everyone else, we took lots of photos.


Irena was singing in the worship team on Sunday morning, so we had to get to church a bit earlier than usual. Our friends Bill and Julia arrived later. After church, we went back to Futian by bus (I hate the buses in Shenzhen, as all the drivers think they are at Silverstone) and then lunch, followed by writing this blog. Why is it so hard to add photos to a blog? I suppose that it will get easier with practice.


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