When the Cat's Away

One noticeable advantage of my dear wife being away in the Crimea for a month has been that I have been able to do some unusual and adventurous cooking. Moussaka (or Moussaka, if you are Bulgarian) is one of my favourite dishes, but Irena never cooks it. I love the aubergines and the cheesy / yoghurty topping. 

Of course the Secret of Life, the Universe and Everything is not 42. No, it is Hollandaise Sauce with some asparagus. Yes, it is true that the asparagus does make your pee dreadfully smelly.

I was afraid of making Hollandaise, as I had always thought that it would be very difficult. White wine vinegar, egg yolks and plenty of melted butter: a symphony of creamy yumminess. 

I also found time to play with my new toys, the Lego Mindstorms EV3 set. I have always been interested in robots and control technology.


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